Knobs - Creative Professional
Aerial - Cinematography

Photography - Videography - Aerial cinematography
High resolution drone footage.
Video 4K - Photo 8K 
RPL-R Class 1 Licensed pilot


3D Motion Graphics
3D Product Video's
3D Modeling

Medical Visual Support

Visual Support
2D - 3D Illustrations
2D - 3D Animations
Phd Layout Design

Audio Production

Music production

Creativity in many ways

Thank you for showing interest in our services !
We offer a wide variety of audiovisual services in a personal, yet professional environment.
The full package is what we are trying to deliver, all in 1.

Our main services are :

Aerial Cinematography

Photography - Videography - Aerial cinematography

Drones are the future ! It's very important to keep up to date with modern technologies.
Offering a mindblowing 8K photo resolution, and a 4K video resolution.
Fully Licensed pilots, RPAS - RPL- R - Class 1.

Obviously, we offer the same professional video quality at ground level.
We adapt to your needs to deliver the best audiovisual solution within the budget. 

3D Modeling / Animation / Audio Production

We offer the full package. 
We create all kind of 3D images, animate them, add sound and let the magic happen.

High quality 3D - rendered scenes with, or without 2D live-action compositing. 
From cartoony cute 3D characters to photo realistic 3D elements, lot's of different styles are possible.
We can implement 3D elements into your video or create a fully artifical product video from the ground up.

Professional Stereo and Dolby 7.1 Audio Recording - Production - Mixing Recording
Bombastic cinematic sounddesign, soft orchestral backing tracks, Musical Sci-fi Electronic Sounddesign, foley, .....
Connected with lot's of voice talents in all kinds of languages, we can deliver voice tracks too.
Again, lot's of style apply. 

Medical Visual Support

All kinds of visual support for the medical sector.

Fully coloured 2D/3D Illustrations for medical study or reference.
We turn your sketch into a fully high resolution coloured image.

We create visual colourful elements to support pediatric education. 
Ideally used in classes for a more efficient educative approach.

Document Pre press / layout design for Phd's.
We combine your publications and documents into a printable format, design graphic elements around it and prepare it for press.




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Knobs is a creative professional delivering audiovisual services.